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Yesterday two people asked the question, "How can I (or my sales force) write better blogs?"  One is my son, Aaron who just fired up his AquaFuzion of Iowa blog introducing himself, his business and his services to Central Iowa.  The other I saw on Twitter from aGirl blackboard sales and marketing professional.  Two different folks with roughly the same question. 


First off, getting a sales force to write a blog might be a mistake.  Not everybody can write.  However, if that isn't an issue let's take a look at several "must dos":

- Make it One Voice - In other words, we doubt the effectiveness of every sales person fashioning a blog.  We believe a company, product or service should speak with one voice.  It can be the President of the company, the VP of Sales & Marketing or the maintenance man/woman.  Whomever can best write and tell the story.

- Keep it Short - Blogs that run over 500 words are killers.  Just don't do it.

- Don't Sell 24/7 - OK, we know your goal is to sell more "self weasel winding torque-inducers" but you don't have to pound the sales message day after day after day.  It's  boring.  Better to insert some relevant personal stories that, in some way, come back to your message. 

- The Message - Stay on it.  If you are selling water conditioners (reading Aaron?) lay the groundwork, give rational that there is an issue that needs to be solved, and bring that back to show how your product (or service) can solve the issue.

- Eyes Open - Things go on around our lives that we can grasp and write about.  This post is an example of that.  Keep your eyes and ears open, read other blogs, reference others when you can and offer opinion.

- Set Goals - I try to write three blogs a week for each of the three blogs I'm responsible for.  Most of the time it's simple (see above - Eyes Open).  But, if I fail and have a dry spell I don't beat myself up.  I just listen harder to others.

- Write Ahead- Unless your message is time sensitive, write several blogs at one sitting.  Then set them to fire on future days of the week.  If something "comes up" you can always re-set the non-time-sensitive post for even later.

There is no doubt a ton more to share...but I'm at my word limit.  If you've got a question, drop me an e-mail.  I'll try to help.  Look, this stuff can be a nightmare for some and we get that.  Maybe they would be better off on Twitter?  More on that later.

Michael P. Libbie - Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications - Yes...really I do write three different blogs...I know, I'm a very sick man.