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Advertising & Marketing - Do It Yourself?

DIY - Do It Yourself - It's very popular.  Ask the folks at Lowes, Home Depot, Ace...they've been banking on the fact that folks, out to save money, can buy the raw materials and Hy Vee own back yard build a house (well, maybe not a house...but perhaps a shed).  Even the grocery stores, that see profit in selling garden stuff, are into the act.  When times are tough the focus is on saving money. Do it yourself...even,  "vacation in your own back yard".

Does it work the same in business? 

Let me try to answer that with this story. 

Over the years, I've attempted to do my own taxes.   As our business grew so did my lack of ability to fill out the right forms.  Trying to "save" a couple of hundrend dollars cost me $6,000 last year.  I may have the "tools" to do my own taxes...I just don't have the talent.  That's why, this year, I went to a professional.

And, it worked...

So let's, for a moment, consider how you are marketing and advertising your product or service.  You can "do it yourself".  You may be able to retain your market share.  But will you grow?  Will you be able to see the "next big thing"?   Who will have your back?  It's not that you won't "get the job done" but you need to remember the target is always shifting.  Focus is harder and harder...your customer does not expect the same things as yesterday...and he or she has more choices today.

How are you reaching them?  Do you know who they are, what they want today that is different than yesterday?  Are you up to speed on new ways of communication, brand enhancement and getting your message to a constantly shifting target?

Something to think about on a Monday morning...what do you think?

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