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Happy Birthday Phyllis Cox - NTPDA Executive

Years ago I headed to the National Tractor Parts Dealers Association (NTPDA) meeting in New Orleans.  It was my first adventure with this group.  I knew NOBODY butPhyllis and grandchild quickly fell in with guys like Jeff Griggs and women like Phyllis Cox.  (That's Phyllis...not Jeff!)  Phyllis happened to be the Executive Director of the organization made up of tractor parts folks.

The relationships made there and in the years that followed continue to this day.  And, for the past four years NTPDA has been a client of our advertising agency.

You see, people still buy from people.

And, one of my favorite people, Phyllis,  is having a birthday today.  And, no...I ain't telling how old.  You wouldn't believe it anyway!  We've been to lots of places together, sat in more than one Board Meeting, shared business and personal thoughts and dreams. 

She's a pal and a good person.

Oh, did I mention creative?   Long ago she talked to me about building a business using more of her creative talents.  And, she's done it.  The House of FiFi DuBois is an Fifi Dubois eclectic shop located in San Angelo, TX.  Go ahead, take a's a hoot!  The story of how it got the name and the stuff that went on getting it off the ground is great.  It's a true lesson in advertising and marketing.  But, that's not the reason for this post.

The reason I'm writing about Phyllis Cox is because she's my friend and I think so much of her.  So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY PHYLLIS!!  You Rock!

Thanks for allowing a trip down the lane...

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