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Even while there are still a vast number of American's still trying to figure out how to open an attachment to an e-mail...progress has not come to a grinding halt.  What I'm going to share with you isn't "exactly new" but it is coming and my job is to keep you in the loop.Tower   Right?

In just a few days a new Internet Radio show will emerge here in Des Moines and, with some luck, the show will be heard in dozens of cities here in the Midwest.  Those of you who look at this with loads of skepticism might want to consider that was the same feeling when in the 1920's radio became mainstream.  "We have the newspaper!".  Or in the 1940's when television made a debut, "Hey, we have radio and newspapers!".

Needless to say, with nearly every new communication technology there were those who laughed it off.  But, consider this:  Right now, today, in your city there are more folks with the ability to listen to their computers...than the radio. 

That is today...what about tomorrow?

We can see this moving, quickly into full broadcast potential...and the cost?  Pennies compared to what it costs to put up a terrestrial broadcast facility. 

"Oh, but nobody is listening!"  Well, somebody will.  It may not be 3,500 folks but it may be 350.  And, in reality, those 350 folks may be more influential than 3,500. 

All of this on the heels off increasing radio, television and newspaper advertising rates...while actualy audiance and readership continues to slide.  None of this is what traditional media wants to hear...or face.  But, it's real, it's here and in a few weeks...we'll be able to share more.

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