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Is Your Advertising Plan...Working?

The Twitter description for our advertising and marketing profile @MichaelLibbie says, "Hey, I own an advertising agency, even my mother doesn't know what that Mom means...should I?"  It's a tongue in cheek reference to a real story.  You see most folks, including my Mother, honesty have no idea what an ad agency does...or does not do.  It sounds nice in cocktail conversation.  The person I'm visiting with politely nods their head as if they get it while I drone on about market potential, market share social media, print, television and radio advertising.  (I'm telling you I am a real hoot at a party!)

It's when I get to this line...the ears perk up:  "Oh, and we can tell you if your advertising plan is a failure or if it's really working."   It's at this point we get the, "Really?  How?"  

It is that question that takes some time.  The next words out of my mouth are:  "So, are you selling enough of your product or service to your existing market and to your future market?" 

I think that's also where I lose Mom...

You see, it's not enough to sell what you have to sell to today's market because it's fickle and always shifting.  Ask the folks in Detroit.  It's not that they had "blinders" on.  They really worked at not listening to the consumer.  They really worked at making sure the blindfold was tight.  "Hey, I make ten bazillion dollars a year and can afford $4 gas, let them eat cake!"  Or worse, "This energy savings stuff?  Old hippies and tree huggers, crank out another 4 million SUV's!" 

Are you listening?  Are you seeing the next thing?  Are you in tune with your fickle consumer?  If so then...maybe...maybe your advertising plan is working.  But, do you know?

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