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Twitter - Why Business Should Pay Attention

I've written about it before.  How, when in a business discussion,  the "Twitter Man blindfold sissors Experience" comes up the person I'm talking with rolls their eyes and says, "What a waste of time.  Nobody cares what I had for breakfast!"  That's not quite true...

This is an example of people, who don't understand Web 2.0, attempting to define it in their terms. 

Look, I'll grant you there are a bunch of folks with 50 Twitter Followers that share stuff like they would share things in a newsgroup or on a 1950's Party Line.  "Headed off to the gym.  Lifting or running?"  Maybe their 50 followers care...  But, if you don't "follow" the person who is using Twitter to mumble about their life you'll never be dragged into the "conversation".  And, if the "conversation" you are following gets too banal you have the opportunity to cease following "Mr./Ms./Mrs./Miss (trying to be PC about this...) Gotta-Tell-You-Everything-About-My-Life" with a simple "click".  

It's that easy.

However, if you use Twitter to connect, to learn, to share and to find out what folks are saying about you, your product, your service...then, what seemed silly, suddenly makes sense. 

We use Twitter all the time to keep track of bits of information we might not find anywhere else.  People talk about things we're interested in (advertising, marketing, new ideas, new products and trends).  We often pick up a new idea for a client or are able to alert our folks about an opportunity long, long before it hits "mainstream".  It takes practice and, to be honest we'll sometimes engage in silliness: Kids Sale

Most recent was this Tweet from our office:  "What?  We're now selling children in Iowa!?!??"   That sentence ran next to this photo:

Funny?  Maybe.  But it was also a photo essay into being careful what you write vs. what you mean.

Know what I mean Vern?

Twitter is a tool.  And, if you care about what folks are saying about your product or service it might be something you'll use.

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