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Do It Yourself Television Advertising...really?

Who Will Fill The Hole?

When I get a bit more composed I'm going to write a short piece about the wonderful Kunta Crop people I've met over the past 24 hours since our African Gray Parrot, Kunta flew out of the house and left our world.  But, I'm not quite ready yet.  That wound is still too fresh.

So, let's talk advertising, marketing, business...

and holes...

When you make a hole in something...something will fill that void.  Make a hole in wood Dog sand hole and air fills that space.  Make a hole on the beach (as our friend here is doing) and soon water and sand will fill that hole...and your work (or his) becomes a memory.

Now let's talk about advertising in a recession.

Let's say you believe you must conserve and the easiest way to get that done is slash the advertising budget.  By no longer being in the newspaper, on the radio, television or taking part in some social media program you have left a "hole".  A hole that will be filled by the product or service that has the belief in market share and the fact this recession will turn.  They fill your hole and by doing so grab another slice of the market.

And, they didn't even have to battle for it...  After all, you left the hole.

I've written about this before.  Back in October I did a series about marketing in a recession.  But, if you won't listen to me how about this great article from November of last year:  "When the Going Get Tough...the Tough Don't Skimp on their Ad Budgets"  They tell you the same thing...but with more words...

Enjoy...and let's do something!

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