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Gender Marketing & Live Research

This is something we touched on during our radio show, Insight on Business which airs Monday - Friday 12:30pm - 2:00pm Central on Macs World Live.  We're part of Des Moines Local...Live about twenty passionate people who talk about everything from advertising and marketing (us) to cage fighting.  It's the way radio used to be...before corporate take overs and investors.  It's live Internet Radio and a first here in the Midwest.  Go ahead, check us out.

So, who is buying your product or service and more important...why?  It's not only important that you know the answer to those's critical to success.  So, today let's visit about gender marketing.

Last week a client shared with me the on-line sales reports for a brand new productWoman Garden Ctr Use we're taking to the consumer market.  The item has only been marketed on-line.  We've done zero consumer media.  In a way, we're still in the research side of things.   Some of us were a little surprised that 67% of the on-line buyers were...women.  Until we did some further experiential research.

A group of us visited several garden centers.  We did this over a period of two days and trying not to be obvious took customer counts at various times of the day.  The vast majority of active shoppers were women but more importantly the decision making was almost exclusively done by females.  Oh sure...the men were there but mostly they were holding something and nodding while the carts were being filled by the women.

So, why would our advertising agency go to this much trouble for a client?  Because, as we guide their media we want to make sure we're telling the sales story to the right folks.  In this case we've adjusted the marketing materials just a bit to reflect what we're seeing in the orders.

Two quick lessons:  1) During the research period, before the final media is constructed, it's important to do some experiential events.  2)  Be flexable and ready to adjust for gender marketing.  It's as important as "age based marketing" but....we'll do that another day.

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