Rethinking Failure

Internet Radio...Really?

Our advertising agency is all about connections.  Our clients come to us seeking answers:  "How can we better identify our target customer?"  "How can we then reach Man Hay Bale Microphone our target customer in the best possible way?"  "What are we not providing today...that our customer may want...tomorrow?"  

This is what Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications does for our clients...and ourselves, everyday.

To do that, effectively, we embrace new things and ideas...quickly.  That's why we started this blog, long before many folks knew what the word meant.  We took to Twitter right away with three different public profiles.  We've expanded our Social Media "footprint" to all sorts of outlets from LinkedIn to Plaxo.  At the same time, we employ traditional media like television, radio and print to help us get noticed. Every day we're working to build our brand and amplify our voice.

It's what we do for our clients...and this agency.

Today we start down another new path.  At 12:30PM Central a new Internet Radio Show, "Insight on Business" fires up as part of Des Moines Local Live which is part of Mac's World Live.  (Gosh, think we've got a "branding issue" already?)

Having been a broadcaster for nearly 30 years and having hosted Highway 6 - Your Road to the Country for three years and The Iowa Sportsman's Radio Hour for two.Microphone head set gold crop (both Des Moines based on terrestrial radio station 98.3 WOW-FM 983wowfm)  This seemed like an excellent way to, once again, embrace new technology to boost our brand and share marketing and advertising insights with folks who want to learn.

The first couple of days will be a hoot as we get settled in, learning new equipment, getting used to having folks actually "see us" while doing the show and setting out the guidelines for what we will accomplish...which is giving our insight into marketing, sales, advertising and getting noticed.

What we'll not be is a political stage to rant and rave about the "Left" or the "Right".  There are enough "talking heads" out there doing that...all with the same talking points all with the same legion of "head nodders" all with an axe to grind.

Not us...

We'll share our experiences with what works and what doesn't.  We'll talk about marketing plans, creative media, new technology, sales tools that work and how...even with all the technology...people still buy...from people.  We'll have regular guests that will share with our listeners their professional experiences and ways they've used to help their clients "get noticed". 

So...listen in.  You're sure to get a laugh or two as we try to figure out which button works what camera...and how to keep the show on the air.  Here is the link to the show page which is part of Mac's World Live.  At 12:30 Central...just click on my picture...handsome devil huh?  And let's kick this thing off...

Oh...and thanks J. Michael "Mac" McKoy.  When he and I started this discussion four months ago, after he was booted off local terrestrial radio, (not once but twice in 90 days) the obvious questions about the "unknown" came up.  "What if nobody listens?", "What if it doesn't catch on?"  "What if people just don't get the idea of Internet Radio?"   Like Marconi...we're asking those same questions...time will tell.  But, I can tell you...I'd much rather be part of the parade...than sit on the sidelines watching it go by.   So...thanks Mac for the invite and the opportunity.

Catch you on "The Net".

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