Out Of The Pain...A Positive Message
So What Is It With Kim Komando & Twitter?

Marketing Hysteria

Going grocery shopping...in Iowa now takes on a whole new meaning.  Today at the Hot women local Hy-Vee there are bottles of hand sanitizer at every check out lane.  When checking out I asked, "So, what's the deal?"  The young, cheery teenage girl behind the counter said, "Why, it's to help keep you well so you won't get sick while grocery shopping!"  The equally young man bagging the groceries looked at me and rolled his eyes.  The young lady said, "What?  You are not scared to death over this swine flu deal?"  Soon are we to see shoppers dressed...well, a little more...covered as they stroll the meat section?   Sort of like our daughter and her friend (above) modeling the latest in Summer Evening Wear.

I'll take my chances...

Meanwhile in that enlightened country we've had the pleasure of occupying for what...five years...Iraqi zoo officials killed three wild boars.  "It was a precautionary measure.", said the zoo director.

Sort of like the enlightened country of Egypt where every hog in the country was ordered killed last week.  We couldn't make this stuff up if we wanted.  Here is the story.

And Sunday morning, on the Kim Komando radio show, the "digital goddess" must have said, "Swine Flu" twenty times in a lead up to her story about how crooks are now online claiming to have a cure and/or an advance treatment just in case you come in contact with the disease.  Gosh, don't let the gang at Hy-Vee get a hold of that message.  I can see it now...  "Attention shoppers, now in isle 5...."

Never mind that H1N1 is not transmitted from hog to human.  Never mind that more people die from the "regular flu" each year than have been sickened this time out.  Never mind that there is no "advance treatment".  Never mind that this issue has put another nail in hog production in places like...gulp...Iowa.

Marketing Hysteria is big business...

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