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Memorial Day & Summer - Colliding Events

It's Memorial Day 2009.  It is also the official start to Summer 2009.  The two events have so much in common but at the same time they are so different.  So...just a thought about the day...before we march off to the grill

Maybe it's my age...I remember growing up and calling this day, "Decoration Day".  I was born five years after World War II and the memories of parades, flags and decorated Kid soldier bikes are lasting.  My mother and father (He spent over three years in the Navy, Pacific Theater) always made sure we were part of Decoration Day.  They wanted to make sure we took part.

For the kids, it was popular back then to "Play War" with real looking weapons, pine cones as grenades and uniforms, purchased from Army/Navy Surplus Stores.  But on this day we would put away our toy guns, old steel helmets  scuffed boots and...remember. 

As a child it was difficult and a little confusing.  When we were busy "killing Germans" in the sandbox or in the woods near the house we all got back up to fight another day.  I often wonder what the veterans thought of us...or if it mattered.  I never remember a time when we were told not to continue our "war" because it wasn't politically correct.  Those that experienced the real horror of war, who where on the ships, in the fox holes and on the beaches didn't mind our games.  What a difference a generation makes.

Sailor_fish But, this isn't just about war and conflict and's also about summer and kids and enjoying the first holiday of the season. It's about grilling and laughing and fishing and having an extra beer on Sunday night...because on Monday we're "off duty". 

It's about the promise of a new season.  That carefree time of year when shorts, t-shirts (and less) become the fashion.  It's OK now to wear "white pants" and switch our hats to straw.  It's time to forget minus twenty degrees and winds that whip the snow into deep drifts...

It's summer.

And, it's Memorial Day.

It's a day when the horror of war collides with the freedom of a season.  Amazing when you stop to think about it...

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