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Rethinking Failure

The other day I had a conversation with a client.  What started out as a negative ended up very positive as we, together, re-thought failure.  Together, over the past year, we'veFailure brought a number of brand new products on-line.  It's been stressful for them...and us.  When I say..."brought on line" that includes everything from naming the products to building websites to media to new packaging to new retail displays. Five brand new products in less than a year.  And, we're still not done.

The conversation started like this:  "Well, the public event you suggested we attend turned out to be very slow.  I don't think we sold 50 units." 

He was right...but what did we learn?

Over the next twenty minutes we talked about what we learned from consumers and how we made inroads with companies that currently do not carry the product...but should.  We talked about connections we made and the feedback we heard from consumers.  We talked about the packaging and retail people who came by and were interested.

Far from being a failure it was a huge success.

Success can not always be measured in sales dollars...especially when we're talking about brand new products. The success here was in the ability to listen...and now act on what we learned.  What started as a negative conversation ended up to be very positive as we, together, learned more about the strategic placement and our target market.

What a great day...for everybody!

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