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SpotGone! & NatraTurf - First Public Event - K9 Karnival

OK, it's not opening in New York's not even opening in Kansas City...but it is a first.   SpotGone! by NatraTurf will debut to the general public on Saturday May 9th inSpotGone_shakerFRONT Urbandale, Iowa at the Annual K-9 Karnival sponsored by Citadel Communications of Des Moines.

According to Jim Milam of NatraTurf this is exactly what they were looking for.  "We released SpotGone! for Online sales only about four weeks ago and people from New York to California have been buying the product.  And, while we've done some product samples this will be the first time we'll interact with groups of people at a trade show.  We'll use this experience to better position our product and our message."

Well said, Jim.

We're looking forward to listening to shoppers and dog owners and help guide SpotGone into the general consumer market. 

So, what is this SpotGone! stuff?  It's an all natural, organic way to rid your lawn of pet urine spots and damage from "winter kill", salts and de-icers.  There are no chemicals, no dyes and no foreign grass seed in SpotGone!.  It works to correct the soil, first, and allows the original grass to take root and naturally cover the spot.  It's simple soil science meeting a need for people who are tired of cutting, patching or spraying color on their lawns.  In other works.

We hope to see many of you at the Seven Flags Event Center in Urbandale.  Oh...and bring your dog!  Like they say, with SpotGone! You can keep the dog...and lose the spots.

See you at the show....

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