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Nearly two weeks ago a new radio station popped up here in the Des Moines, Iowa market.  The station is on the air Monday - Friday from 9am til 6pm.  You can't get it RCA HiFi listening to "Grandpa's Hi-Fi", nor can everybody listen while driving to work.  Yet.  But...if you sit in your office or home and pop on your computer...there is is!  It's made up of about twenty different committed talk show hosts talking about what they are passionate about.  From business (us) to a rabbi talking about faith and Israel....

It's amazing...and pretty darn exciting.  But, as one person wrote:  "Seems like a time waste hobby for those involved."  Or as one sage said, "I don't think this 'Innernet Radio Thingy' will amount to more than a squeak."  (Somebody said that about television too...)

Maybe this might start you scratching your head...

Ando Media, on April 23, 2009, released it's first Webcast Metrics Audience Rankings.  They are using traditional radio terms like "Average Quarter Hour (AQH) Share" and "Cumulative Audience" (Cume) to report, which should be helpful for radio types and advertisers.  In a word...this first report is...WOW.

While "music" radio did much better than "talk" radio...the numbers are pretty impressive: 

  1. CBS - AQH:  434,914 and CUME: 4,143,666

    2.  Clear Channel Online Music:  AQH:  155,172 and CUME: 1,740,62

    3.  DII - AQH:  59,775 and CUME:  740,859

    4.  977 Music.Com - AQH: 57,733 and CUME: 717,265

You get the idea...and here is the entire report.

Purists will have plenty of questions and issues about how the measurement is calculated but...and this is big...have any land based radio station sales person or executive explain the Arbitron Ratings system.  Your head will swim in less than thirty-seconds after you realize that just a handfull of folks are responsible for a measuring the Retro microphone radio listening habits of a population of 493,000 people who all the Des Moines area, "home".  

The bottom line is this...if you are an advertiser and  not paying attention to this will be forced into figuring it out...sooner rather than later.  Internet Radio rates are very, very reasonable...but they will not stay that way.  And, here in Des Moines, Iowa there is now live, local talk...on the computer.  It may be like a group of pioneers but it's exciting and, guess what?  It's growing daily.

If you want more information, feel free to give me a shout.  We've decided NOT to make everything public at this point. for a major announcement very soon.

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