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What A Week & Thank You!

Nothing here about advertising, marketing or communications...well maybe communications.  Just a pause in the crazy world of an advertising agency.  Many of you know we shut down the office at 3:00PM on Friday.  It's for our sanity...I think.  This week has been amazing.  New client meetings, existing client requests, new design opportunities and a host of "other" meetings, our charity and non-profit work and of course the new daily radio show, Insight on Business and the "old" radio show, Highway 6 - Your Road to the Country.

Whew...we're busy and I'm grateful.Office June 7

But there seems to be things that suffers when we're busy.  Family time gets cut back and my poor, poor desk and office.  Like a whirlwind I'm telling you!  Loaded with notes, scripts and stuff.  Well, it's getting cleaned up today.  And, no doubt will look much the same by Friday afternoon this week.

I'm not complaining...I'm very grateful.  Thanks for being our client, thanks for listening to the radio shows, thanks for responding to our non-profit makes the mess mean something.

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Consumers - Not Gone...But Shifting

The economic and sales news isn't all doom and gloom.  In a recession there are winners and losers.  What do you have to do to make sure you win?  We think you should pay attention to the "shifting consumer".Shell game

The economy doesn't stop.  It shifts with what consumers feel comfortable with.  Think not?  Let's look at the banking industry.

The news is really bad in the financial world so bad one might think that all financial institutions are in trouble.  Not so...  Small, local banks are doing just fine and bringing in more customers.  Credit Unions are seeing major increases in their business.  Why?  Let's call it the comfort shift.  The consumer wants to trust their financial institution, they want to know who is making decisions and they want to feel comfortable.  Enter small banks and credit unions.  Both offer what the "big banks" can't or...won't.

Here is more:  In a recent Los Angeles Times article, John Replogle the CEO of Burt's Bees says, "It's the small indulgences that people are reluctant to trade off."  What Mr. Replogle calls "reluctance" has led to a doubling of sales over the past three years.

Burt's Bees is an example of a small business that is doing well because they are focused on the "small indulgences" and paying attention to what people will buy and why.

In our mind these examples point out that people are still spending money...but they are shifting their decisions to things that spell value, trust and...comfort.

The best way to thrive in a recession is to pay attention to what works well, to what people are buying and the reasons why they are buying specific products.  To be one of the companies on the top of the wave you have to pay attention to the shifts and act accordingly. 

Keep an eye on the good economic stories, what is behind them and what can you learn for yourself.  Then be ready to adjust your consumer message.  We think the top words now are VALUE, COMFORT & TRUST.

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General Motors - Turning The Corner Already?

People who are in the advertising business get excited by great messages.  We're no different.  While the messages out of Detroit have been dismal a bright light hit the major market television stations this week.

Just hours after filing bankruptcy GM hit the air with their new ad campaign designed to build confidence in the embattled company.  The sixty-second commercial created by IPG's Deutsch/LA pushes the idea of change, reinventing and a promise that the company will come out of this, "Leaner, greener, faster, smarter." 

The last two lines are classic: "This is not about going out of business...this is about getting down to business.  Because the only chapter we're focused Chapter One."

But, why not let you see it yourself:

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