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Plum Jam AND All That!

There is always a "first" for everything.  Some of you may know that I now do a daily radio show called, Insight on Business.  For 90 minutes Monday - Friday we talk advertising, marketing, public relations, communications.  You know the "stuff" we do for our clients every day of the week.  It moves fast and, should you wish...check out our Daily Show Page where we set the topics of the day.

But...back to the first.  Ginger Plummy

On Friday my guest was Ginger Johnson of Snap Creative Works.  Not only was she full of energy and right on topic, creative communication, she brought a jar of Plum Jam.

Now, I've been doing radio since Marconi and from time to time folks bring their book, a sample of their product or sometimes a cookie.  (Once a guy brought me Kim-Che...the bottle broke and stunk the place up for a week.)

But...Plum Jam?  From a person who works at connecting people and things?

Brilliant and it shows the "out of the box" way to get positive attention and drive home your point.

So...when you make your next sales call...will you take something that is expected or do the unexpected and be remembered?

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