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Small Business & Customer Service - A Myth?

Early this week Todd Razor from The Des Moines Business Record was a guest on our radio show, Insight on Business.  (Here is the link from that day.)  Todd is the Online Editor for the company that produces that product and others.  He was a great interview.Closed0014

His online offering today for Iowa Biz had to do with poor customer service among small business owners.  It was written by another friend Tom Vander Well.  Good stuff.

Poor customer service is something we've written about many times.  We also get to counter those stories when we receive good service...however, those articles are few and far between.

But, poor customer service among small business owners?  Yep.  I have, over my career, spent hours in small business meetings where I hear owners moan and groan about the "Big Box Stores" or "Corporate Stores" taking away their business.  How often have I been in a Chamber meeting where this is a topic of some discussion?  They complain to their associations, legislators and just about everybody else.

Customer Number one But, the fact remains that too many small (and large) business leaders who produce poor customer service seem to be unaware of what is really hurting them.  Look, most of us, just like Tom says in his article, WANT to do business locally.  But so often it's impossible. 

So, today...quit whining and perhaps put some polish on how and what you do.  Gather your people together and remind them who they really work for.  And, if you need a shot in the us.  Shucks, it's better than letting folks walk out of the door...never to return.

Let's do business...and service who is really Number One.  The rest will follow.

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