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Tuesday Morning With Elm Street

I'll be out of the office on Tuesday morning attending what is being called, by Citadel Radio Group of Des Moines a, "break through event about business".  It features a Elm Street logo group known as Elm Street and Elm Street Economics.  We are told this seminar will help us "connect with consumers". Terry Peters the head of the Des Moines radio group has been telling people this thirty-dollar, half day seminar, is about building more business and there will not be a sales pitch offered at the event.

The Urbandale Chamber of Commerce is co-sponsoring the event.  Both groups have spent considerable time and effort pushing the meeting, which will be held at the Hotel Fort Des Moines.  (Why there and not in Urbandale...we're not sure....).  And how many folks will be there?  We think plenty...after all...there is the promise of a "magic bullet".  We'll let you know the numbers.

Here is our take...and we haven't yet been to the session that runs all morning long.

We believe, based on what we've written over the years, this program will share with you several important facts.  And remember, we've not been to the show.

  • The Consumer is Changing - The public has come face to face with "needs" vs. "wants".  That means the person you are marketing to will not be moved with messages based on luxury.  The consumer today wants...value and trust.
  • The Consistent Message- When you are in the face of an economic slump it's important that you keep the message in front of the consumer and keep "on message".  There are enough "changes" in the world.  The consumer needs a friend and if you are are nearly there.  Build trust...see above.
  • The Eyes Must be Open - You will not be able to influence today's market with yesterday's message.  It's not going to work.  You need to match your product or service to the trends.  And, those can shift...daily.
  • The Stale Message - You can not impact the market with an old message.  What may have worked yesterday will not work today or tomorrow.
  • Know your Customer - You can't take the chance and guess.  You need to know who and what your customer needs, and yes, still wants.  Then you create the message to match.  How do you learn "what"?  Pay attention to Social Media, the news, keep your eyes open.  The public is not really that hard to read.
  • Connect with New Methods - Once upon a time there was radio, television and the newspaper.  Today if you are banking on those media outlets to help you thrive and survive...pack it in.  It's over.  You need to learn new ways to communicate with your customer we hear a little social media here?

Once again...I've never heard the speech, never heard of "The Center for Sales Strategy", never heard of Mike Anderson.

It's just that our advertising agency, Insight Advertising, does this for our clients...every Man Amen day.  We preach it to the masses and wherever two or more are gathered.  And, we've written about each one of these topics and more...for over three years.  Maybe they've been reading our stuff...or coming to our lectures?

Look, we're grateful they are bringing the show to Des Moines.  Honest.  More people need to be made aware of how to connect with the consumer.  But, then can listen to our daily radio show, Insight on Business...for free.  We've been talking the same story...

So, we'll let you know what we find out...and pass those nuggets on to you.  In the meantime.  Keep working, learning and listening.  It could mean the difference between success and failure.  And...nobody wants that.  Failure that is...

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