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It Looks Like a Radio....

If it looks like a radio, sounds like a radio...must be  Well sort of.  For the past Internet Radio 60 days we've been involved in a broadcasting experiment.  Some of you know that I love doing radio.  Cut my teeth on it when I was a kid and, in one way or another, I've been involved in broadcasting for over 30 years.  During that time I've seen lots of changes:  AM to FM, Mono to Stereo, 45's to LP's, LP's to tape, tape to CD's, CD's to server based data.  I've seen four TV stations morph into 500+, the dawn of the Internet and now...Internet Based Radio.

That is the experiment.

A little over six months ago we started talking about taking radio to the Internet.  Today we're not only there but now pack over 14 hours a day of live, local talk radio on the station, Macs World Live.

Not only that but we're now mobile.  One of our staffers listened to the radio station driving from Des Moines to Chicago.  And the reception?  Just like sitting there.  He used his SmartPhone and it was flawless.  The picture above is an Internet Radio.  Must like the radios used on desktops in Europe.  Ahhh....looks like a radio huh?  And, what is better...sounds just like one as well.Studio May 22 2

No longer are people tethered to their computers to listen.  Now it's "right there".

Where is this going?  That is a good question.  We're not sure.  But we do know that we are way ahead of the curve.  Nobody produces this much local LIVE radio talk each day...nobody.  Not one local Des Moines land based radio station, not one satellite radio station and to our knowledge, not one Internet Station.  Oh sure there are others...but many program "recorded" shows or shows done in some other location.  Each one of the Des Moines Local...LIVE shows are..LIVE.  And, that is the key.

Like I wrote at the start of this "experiment" we would much rather be in the parade than sitting on the side watching it go by.  And, if you want to pop in Monday - Friday you're welcome to listen and watch Insight on Business our daily, live radio talk show that has a focus on advertising, marketing and trends.  The idea is to offer you take-aways that you can use to help your business not only survive but thrive.  Join us daily at 12:30PM Central at or head to our site and click on the link:  Daily Business Radio Show.

Who knows, this Internet thingy might just catch on....

Michael P. Libbie - Thanks for reading.  You can follow us on Twitter @MichaelLibbie or @InsightAdv before, during and after the show.