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Michael Jackson...In Butter? Seriously?

Ahhmmm..  I leave Iowa for a couple of days and the place goes crazy!  The word is out that the Iowa State Fair will "honor" Michael Jackson this year by creating his likeness (which one we're not sure) in butter to proudly stand near or next to the Iowa State Fair Butter Cow. MJ

What are you people smoking over there?

Over the years the Iowa State Fair has had images of Iowa natives, John Wayne, Brandon Routh as Superman and last year Olympic Gold Medalist, Shawn JohnsonGarth Brooks has been in butter and so has the Last Supper

But...seriously Michael Jackson?

Our opinion is that riding the wave of popular is more important than this case.  If the Iowa State Fair wished...they might have erected a memorial to Coach Thomas...first on our list.  But there are others with a keen tie to Iowa and agriculture.

How about the current United States Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack?  The first Iowan to hold that position in over 60 years.  Or perhaps Mary Louise Smith a pioneer in women's rights.  Norman Borlaug...anybody?

Looks like we'll miss that attraction in the Agricultural Building this year.

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