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On The Road - Red Oak - Social Media & Tourism

We're doing a road trip this week and taking the "dog and pony show" to one of my Red Oak favorite towns in Southwest Iowa.  We'll be in Red Oak  talking to leaders from the Western Iowa Tourism Region about Social Media.  What it is, how to get started, stay involved and engage the public in showcasing all they have to offer.

And, Western Iowa has plenty to offer from some great rodeo in Sidney to the site of a Bonnie and Clyde robbery in Guthrie County.  And, Red Oak is home of this famous Courthouse.  It's a beauty and a photo much like this graced the cover of an economic development magazine I did for the town back in 1997.

MPL Chubby Red Oak is also the place where my friend, Chubby Checker (Ernest Evans) and I hooked up again after not seeing each other for years and years.  And, yes, I'll tell that story about that night at the Red Oak Country Club and how that meeting led to many years of working together on several projects.  Including the wedding of his beautiful daughter a couple of years ago in Aspen.  (Notice Chubby was, well, more chubby than he is today and me?  I am more chubby than Chubby.)

Looking forward to seeing friends from that part of the country and sharing with them the power of Web 2.0 or Social Media.  Strap in'll be fun! 

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