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I subscribe to a number of advertising, branding and marketing blogs.  I get to read at least one book a week on marketing and advertising.  Why?  Because I want to learn Man Reading Beachand take that learning to my clients and to the listeners of our daily radio show, Insight on Business.  That is my job.  So, the next question to you might be, "How many blogs do your subscribe to that are specific about your occupation?  How many trade magazines cross your desk that you actually open?  How many newspapers, online or hard copy, do you read?  What trending reports do you receive?


Several years ago I attended a seminar with about 125 top level executives engaged in the long term health care industry.  The speaker asked those who attended these same questions but started differently:

"How many of you," he asked, "are active in some sort of hobby and what is it?"

"Reading!", "Golf!", "Cycling.", "Horseback riding.", "Photography!", "Skiing."...the list got pretty long.

"OK, how many of you subscribe to more than one magazine or newsletter that has a focus on your hobby?"

80% of the hands went up.

"How many of you have ever taken lessons, from a professional, over the past six months, to get better at your hobby?"

Well over 50% of the people in the room raised their hands.

"How many of you practice your hobby or engage in your hobby at least twice a week in an effort to become better at what you love?  Or how many of you watched a television show that focused on your hobby"

85% of the people there raised their hands.  Then the sobering questions:

"How many of you subscribe to three or more journals associated with the long term health care industry?"  About 40% responded they did.

"How many of you subscribe to a news service to keep you abreast of the issues facing your industry?" 

Fewer than 20%.

"How many of you, in the past month attended a class devoted to your industry, or watched a training film about your industry or participated in a lecture to the general public about your industry?"

Less than 10%.....

But, we sure like to golf.

Read more.  It just might improve your game...errr...Business!

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