The "Issue" About Buying Local
Social Media Meant NOTHING...Until...

Recession? Did you say, "Recession"?

According to the Des Moines Register over 2,000 people attended the Special Event Homemakers crowdThursday evening at Homemakers Furniture in Urbandale.  The event featured Warren Buffett and a trip down "memory lane" with Dave Merschman who's father started Homemakers Furniture back in 1974.  Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway owns Nebraska Furniture Mart which purchased Homemakers in 2000.  The Merschman Family still operates and runs Homemakers and the Blumkin Family, who were also present, still runs Nebraska Furniture Mart.  And in more than one group the name Rose Blumkin was lifted up.  Go ahead and'll love the stories...

Some of the neat "take away" messages from the evening included Dave Merschman's often reference to God.  During his speech he talked several times about his family's relationship to their faith and extended family.  That was something different and Homemakers ice meaningful.  Not something one would think of hearing at an event like this.

Merschman also referenced his friendship with Nebraska Furniture Mart and how being on the "same team" is so much better than butting heads.

We got to see some old friends at the event including "Fort Dodger" Jerry Moen who has been selling to both Homemakers and Nebraska Furniture Mart for decades.  I asked Jerry about his business.  He said, "Ya know, even in this economy people are buying.  It may not be as brisk as it was a year ago but we're all selling and this store opening is a sign that we'll keep it up."

One other thing:  Nobody talked about the recession.  I'd not been to an event in a long time where there wasn't a mention of "tough times".  It really was remarkable.

And one other "one other thing":  The event took me back to my youth in Detroit where this was the way it was done...back in the day.   You see, special events were special Georgie_and_Warren crop then.  People actually "dressed up" to attend things like new car showings and new store openings.  The crowds that came were buyers and sellers and even the competition.  It was a celebration of major proportions.

And that also happened was wonderful, refreshing and it made an impact.  Oh...and yes, Georgie and Warren had a great time.  She said she didn't want to press the issue too much and only asked for a million dollars. 

Way to go Georgie!  You never told us what he said...

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