Getting Along With "Transumers"
It Looks Like a Radio....

You're Right! Social Media Is NOT For You!

It seems I spend lots of time talking about social media with people who continue to think it means nothing and has no future.  So, for the benefit of those of you who think this is bunk.  I agree!  What follows are quotes from the many conversations I've been in with people who think they know better.  It makes for a great self administered quiz.  If you want through these real world comments.  If you agree with the quote, give yourself a point.  If you disagree you get a zero.    Scoring is below.   Ready?  Let's go!

  1. "I see no value in Twitter.  I mean why would anybody care if I had a double latte this morning at Starbucks!"  Yes = 1 Point  No = 0
  2. "Facebook and MySpace are for kids who either want to "hook up" or creepy old men looking for an 18 year old...  I say, Stay off and Stay Safe!"  Yes - No
  3. "I've seen Twitter and I am not impressed, who cares what I am doing every minute of every day?"  Yes - No

  4. "Look, I'm about SELLING not about talking!"  Yes - No

  5. "But, being on Twitter or Facebook is putting our business at risk of being talked about."  Yes - No

  6. "My kid said that Facebook is for them and not a place for adults."  Yes - No

  7. "Why would I want to talk to kids?  My customers are adults!"  Yes - No

  8. "I've heard that people surf social media and find out things we don't want everybody to know."  Yes - No

  9. "OK, but if we do this Mary, our office manager, will handle it."  Yes - No

  10. "You mean I'd have to do this every day?"  Yes - No

  11. "Our IT Department said it would take weeks to set up a blog and they just don't have the time."  Yes - No

  12. "Our IT Department said there was no way they could make Twitter work with our website."  Yes - No

  13. "Our IT Department said this is a waste of time.  If people want to know about us they can go to our Website."  Yes - No

  14. "But, you want me to use my REAL name?"  Yes - No

  15. "Our Board of Trustees took a vote.  None of them have every heard of this social media stuff.  We're not going to bother."  Yes - No

  16. "Our consultant said it would be much better for us to increase our direct mail program."  Yes - No

  17. "Blog?  Blog?  What kind of a thing is that?"  Yes - No

  18. "We're not interested in this.  We have a Customer Service Department that calls people who are behind on their payments."  Yes - No

  19. "We've got a firm company policy about not allowing our employees to play on the computer."  Yes - No

  20. "We'll get back with you on this.  We need to run it past our Customer Care Committee."  Yes - No

There you go!  Have fun.  Oh, the scoring: 

  • If you score three points or less - Call me. 
  • If you score 4 to 10 call me and I'll refer you to my worst enemy. 
  • If you score 11 to 15 points unplug your 
  • If you scored more than 15 points see if you can find a "Closed" sign, put it up and head to a warmer climate.

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