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"Cute" Spokespeople and Public Relations

I have no idea who she is but the company (an energy "watchdog" association) should have thought twice before they ran her out and had her "visit" with the media. (Oh, Claire Celsi...where are you when a company needs you?)Woman cute young

It was morning "drive time" and while driving to a 7AM appointment I was listening to local news.  One of the stories had to do with the recent drop in fuels prices. (For those of you reading outside of Des Moines, Iowa...our price for unleaded with 10% Ethanol is now $2.15 a gallon.)  It's a pretty big story because usually the price of fuel heads up during the peak travel times like the vacation season.  So...a story like this is of great interest.  We would think. 

However, the woman the association picked to come out and tell the story about the current fuel costs sounded...like...she was...maybe...ten?  Honest.  This cute little voice saying:   

"Well, ummm, the reason the fuel prices are lower isn't all tied to the price of, ya know, oil.  It's tied to...ummmm...many other things like, ya know, supply and ahhhh demand.  And, to ummm, other things like, ya know...."

I'm grateful I was at a stop light because I found myself staring at the radio, thinking to my self, "What the heck are they thinking?"  Oh, I bet she is as cute as a TV anchor but, to be on a regional radio station talking fuel prices and she sounds like she should be going to summer school...I should take her seriously?  At least with video we might have been stunned by her good looks and ignored the babbling.

Perception...my friends...is far too often reality.  And, when we're talking energy prices maybe it's not in the best interests of the watchdog association (or any association in general) to trot out "Nicki" or "Brandi" and tell us the scoop. 

So, the take away from this is if your company has not had media training...get it.  If you have had media training but forgot...call us.  We'll put you in touch with some folks that "get it".  How you make an impression on the public is critical to being taken seriously.

Ummm, ahhh, don't ya, like, maybe...think?

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