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Welcome Home Daddy and The Spin...

Daddy is home for the next three weeks.  He's been flying aircraft in Afghanistan for the past six weeks...and he's headed back too soon.  Our son-in-law, Chase, is a captain and pilot for C-130's and this was the scene when he arrived home this past Friday. Waiting_for_daddy

Grand-daughter, Sailor waiting and watching the plane come into base a recording of a safe return.  We're all so grateful and even though he must return in 21 days, the time to reflect is today.

Chase would blush and say it's not that big a deal.  But it him and the military families who are experiencing the increased violence in Afghanistan.   While writing this post I heard a newscast that said more Americans have now died in 2009 fighting in this backward country fueled by a lust for a faith that calls them back to the 7th century than have died in Iraq. 

It's tragic...and scary and far too often ignored by those of us living our lives "normally".  Nothing "over there" is normal. is here! 

Or is it?  That the Iowa State Fair...that icon of everything now taking your "vote" on their warped decision to sculpt Michael Jackson in butter speaks to the "other side" of normal.  For folks reading this from outside of Iowa ya gotta be scratching your head.  But, understand, this butter sculpture thing is a big deal here.  For generations the Fair has honored various individuals by having their image sculpted in butter and placed in the Agricultural Building for thousands of folks to see.

But, Michael Jackson?

We've long contended that given the ongoing war(s) and how they have touched so many families from Iowa...that a sculpture honoring the military might be a fitting tribute.  We've suggested other Iowans as well.  And, now...feeling the public backlash the Iowa State Fair has suddenly suggested that the life-size image of Jackson is Neil Armstrong Moon somehow tied to the Moon Landing by, Neil Armstrong.  Yeah, right..   Now if only they could somehow get an Iowa angle to, "Ohio native, Neil Armstrong, who first walked on the surface of the moon, has a third cousin Earl who lives in Earlham, Iowa (who is a Michael Jackson fan) and so we are recognizing those Iowa roots with the fact that Michael Jackson once performed at the Iowa State Fairgrounds...and..."

So, Iowa State Fair...who is your "spin team"?  Even that is so far fetched nobody is buying it.

Two "take-a-ways" from matter what business you happen to be in.

ONE:  Be thankful everyday.  Having Chase "state-side" for 21 days is wonderful.  But, are we grateful each and every day for the little things we have?   Time to get to it.

TWO:  If you must "spin" for the media.  Don't make the spin even less believable than the original decision.  Unless you think, like some politicians, that the larger the lie the more likely people are to believe it.

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