Insight on Business Radio - August 12, 2009
Who Wins and...Loses With Women

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On the show today we're talking about following the trends.  Where are the best places to learn about consumer demand, know who is talking about your product or service and get engaged.  We'll give you five solid ideas...

What do women want?  We'll tell you about an exciting new survey released this week and give you some ideas of how you can re-make your campaign to meet the needs of the fastest growing segment of consumers on the planet.  No kidding.  Here is the link to the article.

Let's back up to talking about trade shows.  This morning I read a great piece by Michael Flavin who writes for Skyline Displays.  We'll take his FIVE IDEAS to make a difference even in a down economy and give you our feedback.

Staying on TRADE SHOWS for a moment...we'll share with you a method for calculating your cost per trade show lead!  So many folks complain about ROI and not knowing what an acceptable marketing cost for a lead is...we'll tell you.

Remember FOSTERS Beer ads?  "How to Speak Australian"?  They are coming back along with a website.  We'll tell you about it and give you some suggestions about using humor and accents in your TV or Radio ads that will make or break your campaign.

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