Sunday Morning Coffee, Mad Men & More - August 16, 2009
Today - Insight on Business Radio

Advertising & Marketing Radio - August 17th

From time to time we'll throw out a post about our daily business radio show, Insight on Business...that you can see and hear from just about any place on the planet.  Today being Monday we thought you might like to know what we'll be talking about at 12:30 Central on  We do the show to offer you some insight onMade USA consumer trends and give you ideas you can use for your own campaign. 

On the show today we're going to take a look at "Buying American".  Who thinks it is important and who doesn't...and what that matters to you when you are marketing your product or service.

Also we'll tell you about the new switch in the marketing for Campbell's Soup and why, as my Mother is fond of saying, "tending to your own plate" is always good advice.

A client of ours called last week wondering about taking their products into the Hispanic Market.  So...we did some looking around and found this great article from BrandWeek.  Something to think about if you're going in that direction.  We'll give you our spin and what we had to say to our agency client.

Is the New GM too much like the Old GM?  A great story from Ad Age...we'll break it down for you and want your input as well.

FIVE things you should never do on Twitter!  What?  Only five?  We'll talk about it.

These stories and more today at 12:30 Central.  Insight on Business is a production of our advertising agency, Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications ( and we are responsible for its content. You can follow us on Twitter before, during and after the show, @MichaelLibbieor @InsightADV.