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If we took everything so seriously...we'd end up in a funny place.  Well, maybe not soSportsmen's_Blend_Bag-bad_hunter "funny".  This is a story about how people view different very different ways.  Our advertising agency is blessed to have clients that have been with us for years.  They know that they can depend on us to move quickly if needed.  And, if you know anything about agency work..."things" are always needed..."yesterday".

A couple of weeks ago our client Country Vet Pet Food said they wanted to expand their line of value priced dog food into the sporting dog world.  We had already designed new bags for them and this new request is meant to build market share in another demographic. 

Sure!  Let's take our design, add some graphics put it in "blaze orange" a common color for hunters and outdoor sportsmen and bingo...a new bag!

And, so we sent the first image.  It had the birds, the dog and a guy holding a shotgun.  Or so we thought...  (go ahead you can click on the image to make it larger)

Sportsmen's_Blend_Bag-gun The client liked it...and then passed it around for "the committee" to have a look.  It's always interesting to see what folks come up with....when a design or an idea goes past "the committee".

Gary Kubicek the Sales and Marketing director and our contact (and friend) at Country Vet, called and said he had people think that the hunter was a baseball player.  "HUH?  A baseball player?"  We never saw it...but somebody that has been involved in more Rorschach Tests than us saw a guy holding a baseball bat.  "Hmm....OK we'll change it."

But before we made our finals we sent back the second of the images you see...clearly marking the "gun" as a "gun".  It got a laugh all the way around from the client to the bag production folks.   Ya just have to have a laugh every once in a while.

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