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How One Business Has Embraced Social Media

Many of you know that I do a live, daily radio show about advertising, marketing and consumer trends.   It's called, Insight on Business and can be heard Monday - Friday starting at 12:30PM Central at www.MacsWorldLive.com.  Today (Friday) we're going to feature a business out of Omaha and their director of marketing and business DSC_3588 development, Brent Polhman.  Brent, who works for Midwest Laboratories, has been using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and a Blog to connect and listen to his current customers and those he's not even met...yet.

Did you catch that..."yet"?

If you are still one of the doubters you'll have to catch this show and hear Brent talk about how Twitter helps him predict business changes long before the traditional media.  Good stuff.  One other thing...their primary client is still...agriculture.  Who says agriculture can't get into or use social media?  Not us.....

We'll also share some insights from one of our favorites, The Brand Chef.  He's been cooking up a story about "Talking vs. Telling".  Good stuff to remember if you're going to venture out into the world of Social Media.

Ever regret doing something?  Has it cost you?  We'll tell you the interesting story about the "Cost of Regret".  It's a cool story out of the LA Times.  And...we'll make the link to business...

And how about a little news about Templeton Rye and the Music Festival going on near their distillery?  Sure...  And, yes, it does have a business marketing story attached.  We'll talk about it.

Thanks for reading.  You can keep up with us before, during and after the show by using Twitter @MichaelLibbie or @InsightADV.  Thanks for reading and maybe for listening and watching later in the day? - Michael Libbie