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Who Wins and...Loses With Women

This morning while researching a story for our daily radio show, Insight on Business, I came across an article from the Boston Consulting Group.  The focus is a globalWoman puzzle survey of 12,000 women.  It tells an interesting tale of what women want...and don't want when it comes to marketing.  Here is the report from BCG.

A couple of quick high points from the study:  Women are driving $12 trillion of the overall $18.4 trillion in global consumer spending and contribute $5 trillion in earnings over the next five years.  (Ahhhh...this is a group that demands attention!)

Given those numbers it's silly to think that women don't play a part in nearly every consumer spending issue from stationary to 300hp tractors. To ignore that fact is a major mistake.  So, what do women get angry at when it comes to marketing products or services?

  • The failure to tailor products to women's unique needs instead of a "one size fits all" philosophy;
  • Sales & Marketing that are based on dated stereotypes;
  • The failure of marketers to address women's  need for time saving solutions;
  • The failure to connect marketing to respond to women's needs and challenges;
  • The failure to develop community, personal connections and credibility.

Quite a list huh? 

The study named names in consumer categories that women are NOT pleased with when it comes to marketing efforts.  Who fails?  Investment Companies, the Auto Industry, Banks, Life Insurance, Physicians and Car Insurance.  Think of those categories and the traditional marketing approach they use.  See something not only male dominated?

The categories that "get it" are predictable:  Beauty, clothing and food.

So, how should you market your product or service to women?  Perhaps focus on relationships, fulfillment, time and work balance....  You might be surprised. 

The Survey is a prelude to a book scheduled for release in September, "Women Want More:  How to Capture Your Share of the World's Largest, Fastest Growing Market".  You can bet we'll be reading...

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Advertising & Marketing on the Radio

We do this nation's only daily, live, 90-Minute radio talk show dedicated to advertising, marketing and consumer trends.  We're heard Monday - Friday on starting at 12:30PM Central.  Our goal is to bring you news and information on a variety of items that revolve around advertising and marketing, put in our spin and tips and give it to you so your business can not just survive but thrive in this economy...or any.No Service Woman

On the show today we're talking about following the trends.  Where are the best places to learn about consumer demand, know who is talking about your product or service and get engaged.  We'll give you five solid ideas...

What do women want?  We'll tell you about an exciting new survey released this week and give you some ideas of how you can re-make your campaign to meet the needs of the fastest growing segment of consumers on the planet.  No kidding.  Here is the link to the article.

Let's back up to talking about trade shows.  This morning I read a great piece by Michael Flavin who writes for Skyline Displays.  We'll take his FIVE IDEAS to make a difference even in a down economy and give you our feedback.

Staying on TRADE SHOWS for a moment...we'll share with you a method for calculating your cost per trade show lead!  So many folks complain about ROI and not knowing what an acceptable marketing cost for a lead is...we'll tell you.

Remember FOSTERS Beer ads?  "How to Speak Australian"?  They are coming back along with a website.  We'll tell you about it and give you some suggestions about using humor and accents in your TV or Radio ads that will make or break your campaign.

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Insight on Business Radio - August 12, 2009

Hey, just a quick update before I head out to golf.  I know, I know...this is my once a year golf outing mostly because I am very, very bad at it.  The other reason is the time issue.  Who has got the time to spend four hours three times a week on the course?Golf 08 MPL ADL do you people do that and still have a job?

The Golf Event is a charity fund raising day for our why do charities have to beg?  We'll talk about that on the radio show today, Insight on Business.

We'll also talk about the Death of Twitter (say it ain't so!), marketing The Iowa State Fair, and give you five solid things you need to do to gain your first customer.

And, if I can talk him into it...I'll have my son, Aaron Libbie (the younger guy that looks much better than his OLD father) on the show talking about the highs and lows of starting a business in Iowa, being a new father and keeping it all together.

Hey, stop on by if you can.  Here is the SHOW PAGE with links to the radio station site ( and more.  Can you believe we do this EVERY DAY Monday - Friday starting at 12:30PM Central? 

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Are You Too Serious About Your Business?

Don't get me wrong you should be serious about what you do.  We are.  But...there may be a time to lighten up a little...especially if you want to connect with consumers.CP_6x10

Yesterday, on our daily business radio show, Insight on Business, we told you about how Bud Light has made the decision, after seeing sales fall by 3% during the first half of 2009, to dump their "Drinkability" campaign in favor of going back to having a little fun with their ads.  (Remember, "I Love You Man", "Spuds" and "Real Men of Genius"?)  We do...but the forgetable "Drinkability" message left us, and it seems many...flat.

So, what about you and your next campaign.  Should you "play it safe" or connect with a little humor? 

We think you should give it a try.  But, before you do, consider that even professional actors say comedy is the hardest of all forms of acting to "get right".  The same goes for using humor in your advertising campaign.  Too much and the audiance is left wondering what the message was.  Too subtle and the consumer is left trying to figure out if it's funny...or just stupid.

SpotGone_LOGO_Feb_25-lores Pictured here (you can click on the image to enlarge)  are two examples where we used subtle humor for our clients Calcium Products, Inc. and NatraTurf. The result was an instant connection between the target market...and the brand.  It wasn't too "weird" was "just right".

Bottom line, you can play it "safe" and be like everybody else or you can branch out and do something different and get the attention your product or service deserves.

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Today On the Radio...

Welcome back to the work week!  We're Insight on Business a live, 90-minute radio show dedicated to advertising, marketing and consumer trends.  We're part of Des Moines Local...LIVE and you can hear us Monday - Friday starting at 12:30PM Central on

Insight on Business is a production of our advertising agency, Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications and we are responsible for its content.  You can follow us on Twitter before, during or after the show @MichaelLibbie or @InsightADV.

On the show today we're welcoming back Debra Rose from the Debra Rose Debra 1 Collection.  If you remember we had some technical issues the last time Debra made the we're making up for lost time.  Come on by and learn more about her jewelry design business and the great things coming to the Iowa State Fair.  Should be fun.

Speaking of the Iowa State Fair we'll also talk about how business has helped bring the fair back and has helped make it the envy of most states.  Thanks to the Iowa State Fair Blue Ribbon Foundation.

In addition to Debra, who is on from 12:30 until just after 1:00PM we've got another Josh West guest.  (Double your pleasure!).  Josh West is our "go to guy" for much of our technical issues for our advertising agency.  Josh is the principal behind Star Crossed Studios who has a slightly different take on lots of things...techy.  Is that really a word?  Not only does Josh know his way around The Web he is also an accomplished photographer.  Come on by for a listen as we uncover more about this talented guy.

Join us for this...and more today starting at 12:30PM today and heard on

Thanks for reading...and perhaps for listening...have a great week!

Michael P. Libbie - Insight Advertisng, Marketing & Communications -

Reflecting with Sunday Morning Coffee

Sunday morning is the perfect time to sit down with a hot cup of "joe" and reflect onCoffee Cu ps some advertising, marketing, public relations and consumer issues/trends over the past week.  So, grab a cup and let's go:

Last week the Des Moines Area Regional Transit (DART Bus) served up a public relations opportunity that the Iowa Atheists & Free Thinkers could only have dreamed for.  The group had entered into an agreement with DART to have this sign placed on about 20 city buses.  However, once confronted by varying degrees of complaints by "The Church" and "church-folk", DART took the signs down saying they had never been "approved".  Right...  The resulting flap produced loads of ink, television and radio time for the atheists.  Something we think never would have happened...had DART not done a "knee jerk".  Of course who can blame Dont believethem.  The city department has been involved in seven pedestrian/buss accidents over the past two years amounting to millions of dollars in potential liability.  They need a "Higher Authority".  Here is the story from the Des Moines Register.

In a related incident involving religion, the Iowa Democratic Party and the Iowa Republican Party have agreed to hold the 2010 Iowa Caucus on Saturday Dem Rep image afternoon...the Jewish day of worship.  When contacted both parties gave varying excuses from, "Gosh, we didn't know." to "We asked some Jews and they didn't mind.".  That the Iowa political system either didn't know or worse...doesn't care is a mind-bending exercise in stupidity.  In an e-mail to our long time Republican friend Alan Scherof Algona, Iowa the executive director of the Iowa Republican Party, Jeffrey Boeyink wrote, "We have always understood that regardless of the date selected, there would be some people that have difficulty participating."  This from the party of "Family Values" who toots their horn every time they pass religious conservatives.  Now they have turned their back on many of those very religious conservatives...  We would expect this from the Democrats (they are "proud to involve more Iowans")...but Republicans?  Bet the vaunted Iowa Caucus would never have been held on a Wednesday night...traditional "Church Night" let alone Sunday.  The atheists are loving it.

If you are into Social Media our friend The Brand Chef posted a great article about the need to engage your customers by talking vs. telling.  If you're not engaged in a'll never get to the "sale".  Worth a read.

Meanwhile, the Public Relations Princess (Claire Celsi) posted a scathing rebuke of The Wall Street Journal and the Associated Press in their bone-headed pronouncements of Social Media.  It's clear both companies don't have a clue...and they have proved it.

And, the saga of Billy Mays continues.  Not long ago we wrote about how much we liked this guy and were shocked at his very sudden death. This weekend we were told that cocaine use may have contributed to the heart disease that killed the famous "pitch man".  Around here the first words out of some of our staff was, "Oh No!!  Say it isn't so!  Even Billy?"

Craig Brent Jim This past Friday the guests on our daily business radio show,Insight on Business, included agricultural types that are using social media to listen to their customers, expand their customer network and take new products to market.  The fact that they are reaching out using Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and their Blogs and being successful in selling more, noting trends and building relationships is just another bit of proof that even in agriculture social media can work.  Pictured with me is Craig Dick, Calcium Products, Brent Pohlman, Midwest Laboratories and Jim Milam, NatraTurf.  If you would like to hear the final portion of the you go!

Thanks for spending some time with us this morning!  You can keep up with us on Twitter @MichaelLibbie or @InsightADV and our advertising agency is

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How One Business Has Embraced Social Media

Many of you know that I do a live, daily radio show about advertising, marketing and consumer trends.   It's called, Insight on Business and can be heard Monday - Friday starting at 12:30PM Central at  Today (Friday) we're going to feature a business out of Omaha and their director of marketing and business DSC_3588 development, Brent Polhman.  Brent, who works for Midwest Laboratories, has been using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and a Blog to connect and listen to his current customers and those he's not even met...yet.

Did you catch that..."yet"?

If you are still one of the doubters you'll have to catch this show and hear Brent talk about how Twitter helps him predict business changes long before the traditional media.  Good stuff.  One other thing...their primary client is still...agriculture.  Who says agriculture can't get into or use social media?  Not us.....

We'll also share some insights from one of our favorites, The Brand Chef.  He's been cooking up a story about "Talking vs. Telling".  Good stuff to remember if you're going to venture out into the world of Social Media.

Ever regret doing something?  Has it cost you?  We'll tell you the interesting story about the "Cost of Regret".  It's a cool story out of the LA Times.  And...we'll make the link to business...

And how about a little news about Templeton Rye and the Music Festival going on near their distillery?  Sure...  And, yes, it does have a business marketing story attached.  We'll talk about it.

Thanks for reading.  You can keep up with us before, during and after the show by using Twitter @MichaelLibbie or @InsightADV.  Thanks for reading and maybe for listening and watching later in the day? - Michael Libbie




We All Forget...

Our job here is never to cause pain to anybody.  Our job is to share with you marketing and advertising reality and maybe you can pick up some ideas for your business  That is what this post is about.

The other day a person called me and asked if they could come over to the office.  They had a question.  Now...I know this person and she's fun and who knows what was up.  She comes in and hands me this bright orange bag.  Here is the front or the back of the Holm Printing 1 bag.

"So, Michael...what do you this of this direct marketing effort?  A guy stopped by our business and was handing them out."

So...I looked at the bag.  Nicely made, bright colors...  But, at first I was drawn to the logo that I think is on both sides.  One is giving me the message that the printer uses eco friendly things (I think) and the other side had the big "H" for the name of the company. YOU look...see something?  And, no it's not miss-spelling.

Holm 2 There isn't any contact information.  ZERO.  No website location, no phone number...heck I'm not even sure where they are from.  And, that is the point of this post.  Here is a printing company...that gives you a reason to buy from them...but doesn't leave you the information to make contact.

While it's a simple mistake...what does it, in the end, say about the Brand?

Nothing...or worse.

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So, You Know We Have This Radio Show...Right?

Hey...just a quick note about the show for Tuesday.  We call it Insight on Business and our guest understands how to LISTEN to the consumer demands.

On the show today, Karen K. Brees or @FoodPreserver if you hang out on Karen Brees Book Twitter.  Dr. Brees "gets it" when it comes to your family budget and reading the consumer trends.  She has, for nearly 4 decades, devoted her studies to food preservation.  Winning numerous ribbons at county fairs she understands how to preserve food without taking away the taste.

Journey with us and not only learn more about food preservation but also how she "read" the consumer market just in time for her book, "Preserving Food - The Complete IDIOT'S Guide"

Along with Dr. Brees, we'll be following a number of advertising and marketing trends and reporting back to you...sound like a deal?

You can pick up the show online at and we also download the re-broadcast following the show.  To access the "Show Page" to see the topics and the stories just click this link to Insight on Business - Show Page.

Thanks for reading ad for listening...

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Insight on Business & Debra Rose, Charity Work and More

Mind if I bust in to tell you about our radio show for today?

Insight on Business is this nation's only daily, live 90-minute radio show dedicated to advertising, marketing and consumer trends.  We're on Monday - Friday starting at 12:30 Central and are part of Des Moines Local...LIVE!  You can hear us on just about every computer on the planet by heading to  Come on by and pick up some great advertising and marketing tips that just may help you thrive in this economy...or any.

Insight on Business is a production of our advertising agency, Insight Advertising, Debra 1 Marketing & Communications...who is solely responsible for its content.  You can communicate with us before, during and after the show on Twitter:  @MichaelLibbie or @InsightADV it's that easy.

Along with some great stories our special guest is Debra Rose .  Debra, a transplant to Iowa from New York by way of Beverly a jewelery designer who has spent her time in Iowa designing jewelery that matches the customer base.  So much so that for the past two years Debra has been working with the Iowa State Fair to bring new "Fair Jewelery items" to the public.

2151 Her charm bracelets have been a major hit and we expect her "It's State Fair Time" be a hot item during the 11 day event that draws over a million people to the storied Iowa State Fairgrounds. (Go ahead, click on the enlarge.)

Debra Rose...and "fair jewelry" (actually it's much better than "fair") she got started, found a niche and what this has meant to her...and her adopted state of Mens_and_Ladies_2009_State_Fair_Time_Watches Iowa.  Good stuff from a real pro.

We're also featuring a story about how small business is helping their employees and others during the recession and we talk about a local Urbandale company that has raised over $30,000 for charity work!  Not bad, Group Benefits Limited!  And, congratulations on being five years ahead of the curve.

Going to watch the Super Bowl?  How about advertising on it?  Serious...we hear there are deals to be had from CBS.  Here is that story and we'll give you our "take away".

We'll also share our thoughts on Media Fragmentation and what you need to do for your advertising campaign to get noticed...and stand above the competition.

And a brief story about Midwest Wine Production (thanks @TasselRidge for the note!)  Also, found this neat blog about... The Glass is Half Full  Enjoy, good stuff here about Iowa Wines!

Listen LIVE today and every day at 12:30 Central on

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