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We All Forget...

So, You Know We Have This Radio Show...Right?

Hey...just a quick note about the show for Tuesday.  We call it Insight on Business and our guest understands how to LISTEN to the consumer demands.

On the show today, Karen K. Brees or @FoodPreserver if you hang out on Karen Brees Book Twitter.  Dr. Brees "gets it" when it comes to your family budget and reading the consumer trends.  She has, for nearly 4 decades, devoted her studies to food preservation.  Winning numerous ribbons at county fairs she understands how to preserve food without taking away the taste.

Journey with us and not only learn more about food preservation but also how she "read" the consumer market just in time for her book, "Preserving Food - The Complete IDIOT'S Guide"

Along with Dr. Brees, we'll be following a number of advertising and marketing trends and reporting back to you...sound like a deal?

You can pick up the show online at and we also download the re-broadcast following the show.  To access the "Show Page" to see the topics and the stories just click this link to Insight on Business - Show Page.

Thanks for reading ad for listening...

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