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Sunday Morning Coffee, Mad Men & More - August 16, 2009

Sunday Morning Coffee is a bunch of random thoughts, some personal and business Coffee Cu ps that deal with our world.  If you are looking for hard-core business, advertising or marketing items...today isn't the day.  Check back tomorrow.  For now, settle back, grab a cup of coffee and let's visit.

This is the first weekend of the Iowa State Fair for 2009 and a quick look at the numbers indicate attendance is down a bit from last year.  The economy?  Maybe.  The weather?  Perhaps.  Division?  Hmmmm....  Over the past couple of weeks on Twitter and on Broadcast radio stations here in Des Moines I've noticed a greater number of people, who apparently consider themselves too chic and way too patrician to stoop to the level of being considered "fair-goers".  That's really too bad because the Iowa State Fair is an amazing blend of all the wonderful and weird that is Iowa.  That the Fair draws a million people in a state with only three million souls is an accomplishment.  Least we remind the "oh so cool"  the economic impact to Des Moines helps them too...

Mad MenSpeaking of "oh so cool" tonight (9PM Central)on AMC is the season debut of Mad Men.  We profiled a bit of the show on our daily radio program, Insight on Business this past Friday.   Did you know that of basic cable original series, Mad Men draws the highest percentage (49%) of viewers 25 - 54 who make $100,000 plus?  Is it any wonder that BMW signed on as the sole sponsor for this episode?

"Follow me" replacing "Friend me"?  -  Facebook and Twitter are both used by social media marketers but, by some metrics, Twitter is more popular in the marketing world.  e-Marketer had this review and the numbers.  Good reading.  Notice too that the vast majority of companies incorporate Twitter and a BLOG.  We think that's smart and something you should consider.  The "tweet" gets the word out there while the "blog" explains it.  (OK...I couldn't help throwing in something of marketing value!)Pedro,_Dave_and_I

Our son-in-law, Chase, is a pilot currently serving in Afghanistan.  We hear from him often and like other parents, family and friends of all our service men and women we think of him daily and keep them in our prayers.  Here he is (far right) with two of his crewmen.  Not sure the ball cap is regulation....hmmm.

Finally, I wrote a "Letter to the Editor" which was published today in the Des Moines Register.  It has to do with the 2010 Iowa Caucus and that both the Iowa GOP and the Iowa Democrats made it a point to schedule the 2010 Iowa Caucus on a Saturday.  We said when it was announced it was a poor idea.  We also think it's so silly that people can comment on news stories or opinion without being identified.  We believe this policy further inflames and gives voice to irresponsible behavior.  Just what we need in our increasingly divided world huh?  What do you think?  (By the way, the comments are great.  It's amazing how little people know about their faith...and others.)

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