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Sunday Morning Coffee - August 30, 2009

Grab a cup and let's visit about several things that have happened...and what we'reCoffee Cu ps looking forward to.  You're not going to find much in the way of advertising and marketing here today.  We'll pick that up tomorrow.  Sunday morning is a great time for friends to get together.  Thanks for coming by.

The traffic you can get with a good headline.  Last week I wrote about the Iowa State Fair, Edward Lewis, his love for Iowa and his mission to stamp out "the N-Word".   Loads of people came by for a read just to see what the heck was up.  It wasn't what many suspected.  Here is the story, again.

You would think that a guy that does a daily 90-minute radio talk show about business would listen radio.  I don't...or try not to  It only confirms how incredibly dumb some people can be.  This week I listened to Bradshaw on 98.3 WOW-FM as he tried for fifteen minutes, unsuccessfully, to get a listener to understand the "Fairness Doctrine", the FCC and how local radio stations have become anything but "local".  The guy was convinced there is a "Left Wing Conspiracy" in forcing radio stations to cover LOCAL events and share LOCAL information rather than have syndicated hosts broadcasting from NY or LA or FL.  He never did get it.  Proof my friends....

Tuesday of this week I'll be absent from the 12:30PM Central radio show.  I'll be giving business leaders a taste of howand why they should use social media in their marketing plan.  Entry level stuff about blogging, Facebook, Twitter and more for business applications.  Look forward to the opportunity.  Thanks Urbandale Chamber!

Speaking of Urbandale, Mayor Bob Andeweg celebrated his birthday this past Wednesday.  I got to meet his parents who live in Pella.  And, like most parents they know how to share a secret or two.  We're not telling but we had a nice visit while we watched the Urbandale baseball team play New York in the Little League World Series.  Where?  The Urban Grill..of course.Eating aug 12

Kizzy update:  Many of you remember when Kunta our African Gray parrot flew out of our home and hearts on April 26th.  We searched for weeks, walking driving contacting hundreds of people.  Nothing.  Three weeks ago we welcomed Kizzy into our home.  She is 17 weeks old and eats like a horse.  The photo is Miss Kizzy in her favorite position...eating.  What a joy it is to have the house a mess again.  In addition, she's a real "lover" wanting to be held and cuddled for hours at a time. 

Speaking of eating....We've just put the cap on "Restaurant Week" here in Des Moines.  42 independent restaurants joined together to promote "eating out".  Special prices ($25 for dinner or lunch for two) and menus for lunch and dinner got people out to try some interesting local cuisine.  Late word from those who took part it was a success.  We're still wondering if there was enough marketing of the event.  Seems the majority of marketing settled on the Des Moines Convention and Visitors Bureau

The Iowa Democrats seem to be licking their chops and looking for a strong candidate to take on Sen. Charles Grassley.   The elections, usually a lock for the Republican, may not be as his continued "foot in mouth" banter appear to make him vulnerable for the first time since taking the senate seat in the 1980 elections.   Heading the "potential list" two Iowa women:  Roxanne Conlin and Christy Vilsack....hmmmmm.  Here is the latest article from Cityview.

An Iowa family whose son killed himself playing Russian Roulette and described what he was doing on Twitter is now worried that others may copy his act.  Some suggest the social media site is responsible for bringing out the "dark side" of people.  Here is the full story from the Quad City Times.  We don't believe it for a minute...but we guess in times like this somebody has to take the blame....or so it seems.

Nuf?  OK.  Have a great Sunday and let's work on only doing great things come Monday morning.  Thanks for reading!  Michael Libbie - Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications where you can follow us on Twitter, @MichaelLibbie or @InsightADV