Advertising & Marketing Radio - August 17th
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Today - Insight on Business Radio

Midweek and only four more days of the Iowa State Fair.  I know...but we're excited.  Welcome back to Insight on Business this nations only daily, live radio show with a focus on advertising, marketing and consumer trends.  We'll give you the headlines and the stories and then some tips or "take away" items that you can use in your next marketing adventure.  We do this daily Monday - Friday at 12:30 Cental as part of Des Moines Local...LIVE and you can hear us on  Come by for a visit?Eagles Logo

On the show today we're talking about Michael Vick the convicted felon and should the advertisers and sponsors have been let in on his signing by the Eagles?  You might be surprised by our answer.

Robert Jones a a freelance writer has an interesting take on WHO is cutting what when it comes to print and electronic media buys.  We'll tell you about it.

Target_logo So, what is up with Target?  Expect to see more ads for the chain as we get closer to the holiday season. In fact, Target is going to be spending a considerable amount now in the third quarter in their continued effort to distance themselves from Wal-Mart.  We'll give you our insights on what your company might take from this decision.  Don't miss it...  In the meantime if you want to read the article from Advertising Age here you go.  It's all there but not our insight.

Hey, how about our friend, Dan Shipton?  Here is the article from The Des Moines Register about his latest effort and we think it is too cool!  Way to go Dan.

That story led us to this one:  Are you over 40 and think you are washed up when it comes to being a founder of a new company or a new idea?   Not so fast!  The Kauffman Foundation out of Kansas City has done a remarkable study of 549 company founders.  You might be surprised at what they learned.  We'll tell you.

Know anything about CPM (Cost Per Thousand)?  Well, Mike Shields from MediaWeek has an interesting story about how CPM rates for online ads have started to climb.  Might this be an indicator of better days ahead for print?  We'll give you our insight and some key thoughts about what you might want to be thinking about when it comes to your rates.

In MOO NEWSwe've got breaking news about John Deere.  Looks like it is the worst business sales year in 50 years.  US market steady but overseas isn't looking good.  Here is the article, again, from The Des Moines Register but not with our commentary.  That's only on the show.

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