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Welcome back to the work week!  We're Insight on Business a live, 90-minute radio show dedicated to advertising, marketing and consumer trends.  We're part of Des Moines Local...LIVE and you can hear us Monday - Friday starting at 12:30PM Central on

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On the show today we're welcoming back Debra Rose from the Debra Rose Debra 1 Collection.  If you remember we had some technical issues the last time Debra made the we're making up for lost time.  Come on by and learn more about her jewelry design business and the great things coming to the Iowa State Fair.  Should be fun.

Speaking of the Iowa State Fair we'll also talk about how business has helped bring the fair back and has helped make it the envy of most states.  Thanks to the Iowa State Fair Blue Ribbon Foundation.

In addition to Debra, who is on from 12:30 until just after 1:00PM we've got another Josh West guest.  (Double your pleasure!).  Josh West is our "go to guy" for much of our technical issues for our advertising agency.  Josh is the principal behind Star Crossed Studios who has a slightly different take on lots of things...techy.  Is that really a word?  Not only does Josh know his way around The Web he is also an accomplished photographer.  Come on by for a listen as we uncover more about this talented guy.

Join us for this...and more today starting at 12:30PM today and heard on

Thanks for reading...and perhaps for listening...have a great week!

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