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Our job here is never to cause pain to anybody.  Our job is to share with you marketing and advertising reality and maybe you can pick up some ideas for your business  That is what this post is about.

The other day a person called me and asked if they could come over to the office.  They had a question.  Now...I know this person and she's fun and who knows what was up.  She comes in and hands me this bright orange bag.  Here is the front or the back of the Holm Printing 1 bag.

"So, Michael...what do you this of this direct marketing effort?  A guy stopped by our business and was handing them out."

So...I looked at the bag.  Nicely made, bright colors...  But, at first I was drawn to the logo that I think is on both sides.  One is giving me the message that the printer uses eco friendly things (I think) and the other side had the big "H" for the name of the company. YOU look...see something?  And, no it's not miss-spelling.

Holm 2 There isn't any contact information.  ZERO.  No website location, no phone number...heck I'm not even sure where they are from.  And, that is the point of this post.  Here is a printing company...that gives you a reason to buy from them...but doesn't leave you the information to make contact.

While it's a simple mistake...what does it, in the end, say about the Brand?

Nothing...or worse.

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