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A Preview of Internet Radio

Over the past five months we'll been conducting an experiment here in Des Moines.  What started out as five or six broadcasters has now bloomed into 40 people broadcasting to 13,000+ people each day.  Des Moines Local...LIVE has started something that is truly cutting edge.  When we signed on in May we had NO idea of the impact we would make.  We figured it would take a long time to dominate local talk radio in this and other markets.  But...it's happened quickly.  Sure there are limitations...like you can't listen in your car...unless you have a smart phone and blue-tooth it into your receiver.  But...that is coming.  Heck...six months ago nobody would have thought a station could go on the air and have a following like we have today.

So, we're live and local and international at the same time.  Here is a sample of the "Show Page" done for our show, Insight on Business heard daily, Monday - Friday at 12:30PM Central.  Some of you might very well recognize the guest we've got lined up for Friday.

Welcome back to Insight on Business this nations only daily, live, 90-minute radio show about advertising, marketing and consumer trends.  We're on Monday - Friday starting at 12:30 Central and as part of Des Moines Local...LIVE you can hear us on www.MacsWorldLive.com.  Insight on Business is a production of our advertising agency, Insight Advertising, Marketing and Communications and we areJeff Griggs responsible for it's content.  You can follow us before, during or after the show on Twitter - @MichaelLibbbie or @InsightADV.  Let's connect?

Our special guest today, in our very cool new studio, is Jeff Griggs.  Jeff has spent most of his life in the world of marketing tractor parts to farmers and part-time farmers.  Today he directs a staff from his offices in Urbandale for national ag-parts giant, All States Ag Parts.  ASAP has offices in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Nebraska, South Dakota, Iowa and Missouri.  To say that Jeff has a clear understanding of the rural economy is true.  To say he has a clear understanding of retail markets is true.  And, Jeff also understands the power of selling direct...using the Internet.

We'll visit with Jeff Griggs about how the Internet has grown his business, how marketing has changed over the years and get a look at the rural economy...the driver of so much in this state and others.  Come on by for some information and a look at the reality of retail.

So, there you have it....pretty simple?  But very, very effective.  We'll catch you on the radio...at 12:30 Central.  To listen:  www.MacsWorldLive.com