Selling Online? You Better Start...
Sunday Morning Coffee - September 13, 2009

On-Line Promotion? Not So Fast...

The other day I was asked a question about how to conduct an on-line promotion.School Ltrs   How to be able to harness the power of the Internet to push a product or service using social media.  It was a great question and something we can't handle in just one or two articles.  But, we can start and fill out later in the week.

When we were asked we admitted we knew little about this particular business or their ability.  So...we'll start from the beginning:

  • What are the over all GOALS of the promotion?  In other words do you know how you will measure the success of the on-line promotion?  Will you consider sales or website visits.  What is it you expect.  Nail that down...first.
  • Let's say it is "sales".  Is it an increase in sales percentage or strictly a dollar amount?
  • How deep into social media are you?  Do you know how many followers and readers you have for your blog?  How about Twitter?  Have you been there long enough to be creditable?  Depth of involvement is critical.  Little understanding or depth into social media will reduce your final numbers and you may decide to quit.  Better to build relationships on-line than dive right in. 
  • Is your Brand already known on the regional, national and global scene?  If it is you'll have a much wider following right away.  If you do not have a solid brand that...first.
  • What about your target audience?  How deep into on-line activity are they?  Are they rural and confined to 56K or are they urban and have high-speed?  How much into social media is your target?  You need to know.
  • What is the overall message?  Branding, sales, value, trust?  What is it you want people to know about you and your company and product.  Can you ID that in less than 25 words?  What about visuals?  What will you use?

OK...we've given you some things to chew on.  Next we'll get into "Next Steps".

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