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Our Radio Show is MOVING & News for Today

It's an exciting day around Insight on Business as our group, Des MoinesP1070196 Local...LIVE moves to new studios in the Skywalk, downtown Des Moines. 

Welcome back from the long weekend!  Insight on Business is this nations only daily, live, 90-minute radio show with a focus on advertising, marketing and consumer trends.  We're heard, on our BRAND NEW PLATFORM by the way, at and it is sooooo much better.

Insight on Businessis heard daily, Monday - Friday starting at 12:30PM Central.  It is a production of our advertising agency, Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications and you can follow us before, during or after the show on Twiter - @MichaelLibbie or @InsightADV.  Come on by.Paul Yeager

Our first guest in our new studios is friend of the show, Paul Yeager from Iowa Public Television.  Paul is the host of The Iowa Journal which will be amping up again soon.  We'll ask him what's on tap, what the heck he's been doing all summer and give BIG PROPS to IPTV and their overall programming.  They keep us informed and entertained...and it's great.  We'll talk it over and you're welcome to join in with your questions.

Paul Yeager from The Iowa Journal today on Insight on Business.

In addition we're talking about a couple of social media stories.  If you've been a regular listener or attended any of our seminars on social media you know about our passion for using social media or "Consumer Generated Media" for business. We'll give you FIVE more reasons NOT to use social media for your business.  It's a piece from Valerie Maltoni and it's great.  Here is the article.

Chase_Homecoming_015 Also, we'll focus on what the numbers tell us about online sales and yet even more reasons why you should engage in social media for your or brick and mortar!  Here is that outline and full story.

Finally....I'm going to share a little about a homecoming.  Our son-in-law set his aircraft down yesterday, back on USChase_Homecoming_046 soil, from his third tour in Afghanistan.  While we were so happy and proud to have him home...again.  His daughter Sailor was really excited to see Daddy.  The welcome home adventure is so much different than thirty-five years ago.  But...still the questions continue.  We'll take a monent and talk about it.