Sunday Morning Coffee - September 13, 2009
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Social Media/On-line Promotions - Next Steps

Last week I wrote about getting ready for your social media/on-line promotions.  If you'veBlackboard start got that homework done, (here is that post again, just in case) it's now time to move into the "Next Steps".

So, let's say you are pretty confident of your audience, your on-line ability and your message. Now..let's start!

  • Well in advance of your launch set out the benefits of your product or service on your blog.  You'll use that post as a referral site once this gets underway. 
  • Don't over sell....keep the message clear and benefit centered.
  • Ask for help.  Clue in your followers and readers and ask for their help in building your launch.  Remember, in the world of social media, it's about the conversation.
  • The fact that you "asked" for input is helpful you will gain traction.
  • Pull together a video of what you've learned.  Doesn't have to be long but it's nice to be able to, in two minutes, share the program.  Many people learn by "seeing".
  • Clue in the folks who are NOT involved in social media.  You may have to better explain and point them to the message but try to get them involved as well.  Traditional e-mail even hard copy items help.
  • Engage other media.  Send out a press release announcing your experiment and what you hope to learn.  SM is so new and writers are always looking for leads.  Bets are they will pick it up and help you.

During all of this make sure you're working on the back end to put together support media.  At some point you'll need logo work, design work, etc.  Remember not everybody is hooked up to the SM world.

At launch, let folks know how you have incorporated several of their ideas and then ask for their help in getting the word out.  They have already bought into the program.  Don't be shy.

During the event make sure you follow up quickly.  Very quickly you will build momentum by keeping people in the loop.

And, finally...have an ending.  Once there review.  See what you could have done differently.  What areas needed to be built up.  Do a follow up press release.  Even if the promotion didn't return what you expected you still have a "first story".  Sure you can offer the spin...but remember to be truthful.

Good luck...and if we can help...

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