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Sunday Morning Coffee - September 13, 2009

Grab a cup of "joe" and let's visit for a bit.  You won't find much today about advertisingCoffee Cu ps and marketing.  We take Sunday Morning for what it is...a lazy day to reflect on what has gone on and a look forward to what we hope is a wonderful week.  So, in quick sips... it's Sunday Morning Coffee.

Much has been said over the past few days about the incident in Washington.  You know the one...where Congressman Wilson shouted out at President Obama, "You lie!"  I'm not going to add to the comments other than to suggest it might be fun to subject our elected leaders to the type of shouting matches they have in Great Britain.  You can catch that sort of style on the BBC from time to time.  For a couple of interesting comments about the issue, check this story by Eugene Robinson.  Pay attention to the "race" comment.

Staying on politics for a moment.  Today is the 32nd Annual Tom Harkin Steak Fry in Joe Biden Harkin EventIndianola, Iowa.  Thirty-Two years....  Should be an interesting time with Sen. Al Franken headlining the event. (This is Vice President Joe Biden from two years ago...when it was also a warm day.)  And....Sen. Harkin has just accepted the chair of the Senate Health Committee.  That puts Iowa back in the spotlight on yet another national issue...the health care debate.  Meanwhile, an Atlantic, Iowa business man, John Tyler, took out a full page ad in the Des Moines Registertoday saying Harkin is, "...out of touch."  I read the paper early today...darned if I saw it.  Maybe it was too early?

BIG NEWS from our radio station group:  Des Moines Local...LIVE!  This past Tuesday we switched platforms from (free) UStream to (paid) LiveStream and what a difference.  The archives are quickly available and our listenership/viewers have shot up to an astounding average of 12,000 people a day.  Not making this up and you can check for yourself.  Our show, Insight on Businessis heard Monday - Friday starting at 12:30PM Central. Come on by?

Cars_and_stuff_103 web Today our congregation is putting on a "first".  Klassic Kars & Kosher Food is going on in the parking lot of Beth El Jacob from noon until 4PM. It's a first attempt so we're not sure how it will go...(Hey, you have to start someplace!) but looks like we'll have some great weather.  Speaking of weather...so far September is warmer than August...huh?

Now that I am in the center of Downtown Des Moines every day for the radio show I've noticed the large amount of open office and retail space in the City Center.  That is is stark contrast to several years ago before the focus on development of The East Village and West Des Moines...problems looming?  Here is a great article by  reporter David Elbert from the Des Moines Register about the issue.

18_weeks_2_days_(8) Our grand-daughter, Taylor, slipped into her Hawkeye Gear for the University of Iowa win over in-state rival, Iowa State.  She has yet to master "Touchdown!" like her daddy did...but had plenty of opportunity as Iowa stuffed State 35 - 3. 

Coffee Break is over...thanks for coming by.  We'll get into advertising and marketing issues again on Monday....in the meantime you can keep in touch with us on Twitter - @MichaelLibbie or @InsightADV.  Have a great rest of the weekend...and stay safe!