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Thanks Urbandale Chamber!

Today I spent 90 minutes with about 25 of my newest friends...and some I've met many times before.  The Urbandale Chamber held a social media and business class todayUrbandale Chamber and I had the pleasure of sharing with them the impact social media can have on both large and small businesses.  My hope is that some lights went on and they can see the power in actually communicating their message to consumers and customers.

We'll see.

One of the things that is an issue, whenever we do these seminars, is time.  Trying to cover the high points of Blogging, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter takes time.  Then, if you actually want to SHOW people how it works...that takes even more time!  Hope it helped!

The photo: (L-R: HA Gross (Plaza Printers), Sarah Stav(Hungry Boyz), Dave Milburn (Triplett Office), Billie Sucher (Billie Sucher & Associates), Sam Warren (Paper Free Technologies) and way in the Jeana Schultz (Urbandale Chamber).

Thanks for the invite and we'll be watching for you on any number of the social media channels.

Michael P. Libbie - Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications ( @MichaelLibbie, @InsightADV

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