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Why Your Advertising Doesn't Work & Ginger Johnson - Today

It's Tuesday and another day for Insight on Business the daily, live, 90-minute radio show about advertising, marketing and consumer trends.  We're on Monday - Friday starting at 12:30PM on and we are part of 40 broadcasters that make up Des Moines Local...LIVE!  We hope you'll come by for a listen.  Insight on Business is a production of our advertising agency, Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications and we are responsible for its content.  You can keep up with us before, during and after the show by using Twitter, @MichaelLibbie and @InsightADV.Ginger Plummy

On the show's going to be wild!  Ginger Johnson is a return guest and our topic, "Are You Crazy?".  Ginger is a very talented and gifted (you know what that means...) marketing person who is one of the spark-plugs we know from Central Iowa Bloggers (CIB).  Ginger is behind...Women and Beer and Snap Creative Works.  Two...very creative programs she has designed to impact several verticals.  And...she makes a MEAN Jam Preserve!!!!!   Ginger Johnson, "Are You Crazy?" today at 1:00PM Central right after our advertising and marketing news segment.

In the NEWS today:  We'll talk about the first show with Jay Leno...good, bad or wait and see?  And...we'll give you seven (7) reasons why your advertising doesn't work.  It's a great piece from Steve McKee and if it all sounds too familiar...sorry.  It just might be true!  "Seven Reasons Your Advertising Isn't Working" a great story today on Insight on Business.  Join  us?