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Are YOU Being Eaten Alive?

It happens every day.  During my discussions with clients and perspective clients the words,Zombie Girl "Social Media" come up.  Just the other day I was visiting with a perspective client that is getting "eaten alive" by the giant franchise and losing 20% of every dollar she makes PLUS having customers "think" that just because the item appears on the "franchise website" it is available locally.  We'll fix this with her own locally controlled site.

Then, we talked about Social Media and how to tell the story of her business and stand apart from the others.  She said, "I don't know, we don't want this to turn into a bitch session."  Huh? 

It is amazing how people perceive what and how social media works.  Maybe this will help:

Found this NEAT GRAPHIC by Lindy Dreyer from Social Fish that explains very well what happens when you take what some call the social media "risk" and turn it into an "opportunity". Have a look at what can happen to your message when you open the gates.

Thanks for reading...and learning.