Sunday Morning Coffee - October 25
Three Trade Show Requirements

Blah Products = More Advertising?

It came to me during my daily radio show, Insight on Business, today.  I had read anMan Bored article about why people advertise products and services.  And wondered, out loud, if the reason some folks have to advertise like crazy is because their product and service is...well...blah.

Think of it for a moment.  IF each time a customer came into contact with your product or service and his/her expectations were met or truly exceeded. Would you really have to advertise or would the word of mouth spread so fast that you wouldn't have to?

And this coming from an advertising agency guy.

Think about it...  Here in the Midwest we have a department store called Von Maur.  They rarely advertise.  Oh sure from time to time they will be in traditional media but not like other department stores.  Could it be the result of superior customer service and products?  Neither is boring...

So, what is the message?  If you have a commodity (boring) product or service that is just getting by you will have to increase your advertising buy.  However if your product or service always meets and exceeds your customer expectations...maybe you won't?

So, which is it?  Wanna share????