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Does Staff Get In The Way?

Staff are an important part of any business.  They are the "water carriers" of business.Water bottle   They are the men and women who carry the corporate brand.  They are the warriors in the trenches and they can do more harm than good...if they don't understand the brand or the company.  (We don't do politics...but this one was too good to pass by.)

Case in point - The State of Iowa and the Governor of Iowa.  Governor Chet Culver last week told the citizens that he was going to take a 10% pay cut, reducing his pay from $130,000 by $13,000.  It was, he said, his way of showing that he too was not above the budget woes the state is going through.

Almost before his words hit the paper staff members were "correcting" what the "governor meant".  That, really, it was not fair to cut salary "retroactively" so rather than a 10% cut the governor was really going to cut his own salary by 5.8%.

HUH?  (Here is the Des Moines Register story from today.)

Note to Phil Roeder, John Frew and others.  Shut up.   Let the Governor of the State of Iowa tell us.  For months you guys continue to bobble, shuck and jive and you  make "The Big Lug" seem like he doesn't have a clue.  Note to Governor Culver:  You might start saving money by asking those in your office who continue to screw up to leave.  We can understand what you say, when you say it.  Talk to us...and not through them.  K? just makes me crazy.  Doesn't matter, business or politics:  If the staff doesn't "get it" the brand takes a hit.

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