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Everybody Makes Mistakes...Ask Wellmark

Not sure if you've heard or not but today the stories came rolling in about Wellmark BlueWellmark logo Cross/Blue Shield and what appears to be 97,000 brochures sent to seniors suggesting they should call the insurance company to learn more about their products.

So far, so good.

It seems the phone number listed in the brochure two digits.  Rather than directing the senior citizen to a cheery Wellmark employee or call center the phone number goes directly to a, shall we say, steamy sex talk phone bank. (We'll spare you the phone number...)

"Hi there, if you like hot girls who will talk sex and only sex..."

You get the picture.

Look, we take no delight in pointing out somebody's problems it's just that from time to time stuff happens.  We've had it happen to us and we take responsibility and move on.

The reason I'm sharing this story with you is because even when the company is big and the advertising agency is big and the dollars the client is paying the BIG advertising agency are also...BIG.  It happens.  The price clients are paying doesn't always mean there won't be a mistake.  So the next time you hollar at your ad agency for missing a letter in a word.  Just be happy you didn't miss the proof-read on the phone number.

But, I have to tell you...I'm sure glad this one wasn't on us.

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