Sunday Morning Coffee - October 18
NAMA & Renze of Omaha

It's Spooky Out There...

In the advertising and marketing business we get lots of messages about some wonderful "new" way to make not working.

We've never found the "magic bullet".  That is not to say that some have not found a way to make piles of money by not working.  But, sadly it's these people who are making their money on the backs of unsuspecting people.  The scam artists...

The other day I got a Tweet from a person telling me that Google is hiring "everybody who has a computer and an internet connection!"  The link was a classic scam, "As seen on TV, thousands can now work from home for Google.  Just have a computer and..."

In these times of economic troubles thousands fall prey to scams like this.  The money side?  In the "come on" it tells you to sign up and send in just $2.  However in the fine print the "mark" has just agreed to have the scam artist remove up to $80 a month from their bank account.  That these scams are rife on social media sites doesn't mean that social media is a bad choice.  It simply means that dishonest people lurk "everywhere".

Which begs the original question, "When was the last time you had to pay somebody to hire you?"

Be careful out there...

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