The Problem With Having "A Friend in the Business"
Got A Great Idea? But, Can You Sell It?

My Friend Jack Mathews

Last Friday morning the Central Iowa Bloggers held our regular monthly meeting.Jack Mathews   Actually it's not so much a meeting as it is a "gathering".  There is no agenda, nobody is really in charge... People who blog or are interested in blogging or have no idea what a blog up and visit.  I could use the word, "network" but we're not really doing that.  We're a group of writers, advertising folks, marketers, lawyers, connection experts and today...newspaper people...who come together once a month to see how everybody is doing and how we can help each other with new ideas.

My friend and a former newspaper man, Jack Mathews showed up.  Jack and I have been talking over an idea that he has and about blogging for nearly a year.  I was so excited to see him...for two reasons.  One - He was actually there getting an ear full about best blogging practices and Two - Now, I wasn't the oldest person in the room!

So, why the post about Jack?  Simple...Jack is just like "everyman" with a passion for the news and community.  He is always reaching out to learn and create.  And, he has figured out the power in words and what blogging might do for his new business, Grinnell News.  Watch for it and loads more very soon!

Welcome lit the place up!